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Best Affordable Violin Gift or Accessory: Rosin

A Guilty Pleasure Any Violinist Can Afford

One of the best cheap violin accessories you can buy is rosin. Even if you can’t afford a Stradivarius Violin or a Hill bow, a nice cake of rosin is a luxury in which any violinist can indulge. If you haven’t tried a cake a of high-end rosin like this beautiful Andrea Rosin, you’ll be shocked at the difference in sound that your bow can draw.

Freebie “kit” rosin that is provided gratis along with student violins is provided as a convenience, but can be sub par. It often has a hard or brittle consistency and is difficult to apply to bow hair. Cheap rosin often requires more frequent application, and can result in a dusty mess of white powder on your strings and instrument.

Professional grade rosin can (and should be) applied sparingly. It’s long lasting on your bow, and a cake will literally last for years.

Rosin makes a great gift for the violinist in your life. It’s one of those cheap violin accessories that adds much value to the violinist’s enjoyment.


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Andrea Dark Rosin from Amazon